PARES ADVOGADOS is a team of experienced lawyers with acknowledged professional skills and different professional backgrounds who came together in a project which we see as clearly distinct from everything else we did before.

The foundation of our law firm is the sharing of principles and values and an identical way of seeing our profession and practice in our days. And of course, above all, our main goal is to protect and develop the legitimate interests of our clients, to advise them on the planning and structuring of their businesses, while protecting their rights, and trying to understand and answer to their concerns.

All of this while endeavouring actively for the enforcement of the law, for the quick administration of justice, and for improving law and justice as well as respective, principles, culture and institutions.

We are all experienced professionals and have specific skills which are recognized by the market as the result of many years of practice, either solving conflicts, planning businesses, or following up negotiations. We cover matters as diverse as Corporate Law; Zoning and Real Estate; Arbitration; Capital Markets; all sorts of Litigation, from corporate to criminal, as well as civil and administrative litigation; Family and Inheritance Rights, as well as Insolvency and Restructuring.

We are consultants to companies, to private individuals, to public and private entities, and to national and foreign groups.

All of us are familiar with coordination and orientation of different subjects of very high technical and human complexity, in multiple areas. Our main concern is to look after our clients' needs at all times in order to ensure the results that best protect and safeguard their rights.

We all feel committed and enthusiastic about our profession, and ensure our full availability and commitment to all matters brought to us by our clients.

Our experience and pleasure in performing our job have grown along with our clients, and it is with them that we have learned over many years, in contact with all sorts of different areas of economic activity and of all sorts of different people and issues. All the processes and instances we went through with our clients have always been sources of learning and knowledge, which went far beyond the strict scope of law.

We are all aware that our job is meant to enhance our clients' added value. 


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