Luís de Gouveia Fernandes


The following areas stand out from Luís’ professional experience: acquisitions and restructuring of companies, with special emphasis in the agro-food sector; setting up and following-up on the activities of venture capital, securitisation and real-estate investment funds and the preparation of the respective management rules; shareholders agreements and acquisition contracts; preparation and following-up on the execution of companies' insolvency plans, including negotiations with creditors and legal consultancy to insolvency administrators; regular participation in national and international institutionalized arbitrations. His professional experience with investments in Mozambique is also outstanding.

Registered in the Portuguese Bar Association.

Professional Background

  • Partner of PARES ADVOGADOS since 2011
  • Partner of Abreu Advogados (2008-2011)
  • Partner of Lusojurist Advogados (1992-2007)
  • Partner of M. Karim Vakil & Associados (1990-1992)
  • Legal Consultant to the Mayor's Office at the Lisbon City Hall (1988- 1990)
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDL-Instituto Amaro da Costa since 2011
  • Member of the Club Español del Arbitraje
  • Coordinated several courses and seminars on Commercial and Financial Law
  • Author of several articles in specialised areas of Commercial Law


  • Degree in Law by the Portuguese Catholic University (1983)