PARES ADVOGADOS is a team of experienced lawyers with acknowledged professional skills. It is our true belief that our Law Firm represents a distinct approach to the practice of law, for several reasons.

The diversity of our lawyers’ backgrounds allows the firm to give a proper answer to the clients’ needs and requests.

Our experience and professional skills are well-known in the market and are the result of numerous years of practice and professional achievements.

Our lawyers have great knowledge and work together with our clients in every area of law (Civil, Public, Criminal and Company Law).

We have a long experience in the “classic” areas, such as Family, Succession, Insolvency and Corporate Recovery, Regional Development and Urbanism, Arbitration, Capital Markets and Litigation Law.

Finally, we also stand out in more specific and contemporaneous fields such as Data Protection, Sport Law, Art Law, Immigration and Social Security Law, etc.

The diversity of our individual profiles allows us to give proper answer to any kind of client.

We give legal advice to companies, private individuals, public and private entities, with origin in diverse jurisdictions and countries.

Our lawyers coordinate and lead matters of high legal complexity, which we consider to be a relevant factor in achieving the best solutions for the clients’ interests.

The legal advice and conduction of negotiations is performed by our lawyers in several foreign languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, as our professionals have international experience and/or education.

As result of the above, PARES ADVOGADOS has created and consolidated a French Desk, composed by French-speaking lawyers which will, in this matter, be the main lawyers to conduct businesses with French clients, currently advising a vaste and solid portfolio of French Clients that it advises in all fields of Law.