PARES ADVOGADOS has an experienced team for acquisitions, mergers, split-offs and restructuring operations for companies and groups of companies, in all different areas of activity, in both a national and international levels.

We also develop intense advising to companies and to private individuals in their current businesses, especially in preparing, negotiating and signing contracts, and in legal consultancy regarding the preparation of all sorts of necessary legal documents.

Corporate governance is another area in which we have a sound know how, advising boards of directors and other corporate bodies, as well as shareholders and other stakeholders, within the scope of corporate relationships, especially solving conflicts with or between shareholders, structuring governance models and all related issues, e.g. the preparation of shareholder agreements, family protocols, internal regulations for different corporate bodies, or codes of ethics. Also all matters related to compliance are the subject matter of our activity.

In the area of insolvencies and recovery of companies, PARES ADVOGADOS actively intervenes in preparing and following-up on the execution of insolvency plans, including negotiations with creditors and legal consulting to insolvency administrators. Restructuring and recovery of companies are also areas which our team is widely experienced in.

PARES ADVOGADOS has a team dedicated to this area of law, whose work is essentially focused on the design, negotiation and monitoring of all types of financial and restructuring operations, provision and execution of collateral, either national or international, stock markets, financial instruments and general advice on regulation.

Equally important is our experience on the incorporation of securities, real estate, venture capital and credit recovery investment funds,  going from the preparation of incorporation deeds, drafting of management regulations, IFI's and prospects, to the monitoring of their activity.

Our experience also includes Compliance and Prevention of Money Laundering, where we follow-up the activity of management companies, investment funds and other financial institutions in the development of their activity, namely by providing support to the Compliance areas, namely in the analysis of operations, by supporting the elaboration of reporting statements to the supervisory entities and in the preparation and implementation of procedures regarding Internal Control and Prevention of Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing (PBCFT).

Advising in the field of Real Estate is also a major stake for PARES ADVOGADOS.

PARES ADVOGADOS has a team prepared to provide legal advice in real estate investment operations, including the creation of structures for such investments, as well as drafting and negotiating real estate contracts, namely those related to purchase and sale, sale and lease back, lease, and others.

Our expertise in the areas of real estate and immigration law enables us to provide foreign investors with integrated and complete assistance in the application for a residence permit for investment (Golden Visa).

We also provide legal advising to the drafting and negotiation of construction contracts, sub-contracting (including support to construction in terms of litigation processes), supervision of construction works, as well as the follow-up during the execution of contracted works.

Legal advising to real estate funding operations is also another of our areas of activity.

Advising in the fields of Zoning and Planning is also a major stake for PARES ADVOGADOS.

Our law firm has a specialised team focused on the legal conception of master plans (urban master plans, detailed plans and urbanisation plans), in negotiating and approval thereof, and in the preparation of planning contracts and their respective negotiation with local and central government bodies.

We cooperate with several Municipalities in the field of zoning and planning.

We also give advice to urban licensing proceedings (urbanisation works; plot-division operations; construction, reconstruction, refurbish, alteration or demolition works), of which we would highlight the follow-up with real estate developers in tourism projects, namely hotels, resorts, golf courses, as well as in procedures for the setting up and operation of commercial facilities (shopping centres, retail parks, logistic parks) as well as industrial clusters.

In the field of Public Law, PARES ADVOGADOS stands out for having a specialised team in pre-contracting procedures for holding public contracts, since the very initial stages to the final ones. We provide legal advise both to public entities (preparation of procedural elements and preparation of the preliminary and final assessment reports for proposals) and to private entities as well (analysis of procedural elements; follow-up of proposals, and preparation of answers with previous meetings).

We also provide legal advising during the stage of contract execution and legal services within the scope of litigation related to public contracting.

It is also worth highlighting the legal advising services provided by PARES ADVOGADOS in terms of: 

  • Expropriation processes, from the initial stage, according to private law, to the stage of judicial arbitration, including legal representation in reversal proceedings;
  • Issues related to public domains, especially within the scope of hydric domains;
  • Issues related to civil servants;
  • General administrative litigation proceedings (injunctions; challenging administrative acts; intimations to access certain documents; actions of non-contractual civil liability of the State).

PARES ADVOGADOS makes a strong stake in the area of litigation and arbitration, and has a very experienced team in the follow-up and resolution of judicial conflicts and disputes, as well as arbitrations, both at national and international level.

We provide legal advice to our clients in the prevention of conflicts - as the best way of solving them is by preventing them altogether - and in solving them as swiftly as possible whenever they become inevitable, by using all means considered appropriate.

This team of PARES ADVOGADOS actively cooperates with all the remaining areas of legal practice in risk assessment to litigations and in the preparation of contractual clauses in order to prevent or mitigate disputes.

It is worth highlighting the vocation PARES ADVOGADOS has for:

  • Civil Litigation: contractual disputes; legal actions related to contractual and non-contractual civil liabilities; credit recoveries within the scope of execution proceedings; injunctions.
  • Corporate Litigation: follow-up and resolving corporate disputes, namely conflicts between shareholders, challenging social resolutions, and board member responsibilities.
  • Arbitration: institutional and ad hoc arbitrations.

PARES ADVOGADOS has a seasoned team for criminal litigation, ready to intervene in all types of legal proceedings. We are especially prepared for economic crimes, fiscal crimes, crimes in the stock-exchange market and in the capital market, environmental crimes and cybercrime, both for the protection of defendants, as well as for representing plaintiffs and/or defendants.

In these multidisciplinary proceedings, our team resorts to all other legal areas in order to be able to offer the client a final result that may suit its interests in a global way.

This team of PARES ADVOGADOS is also especially prepared for treating the topic of legal entities, board members and managers' liabilities, in terms of criminal and administrative offenses.

In terms of administrative offenses, PARES ADVOGADOS has a vast experience both during the administrative stage as well as in the judicial stage in terms of challenging decisions taken by administrative authorities. We provide legal consulting in administrative offense proceedings initiated by the regulatory and supervising entities for the different economic activities (Security Market Committee; Portuguese Central Bank; Economic and Food Safety Agency), as well as aeronautical, urban and environmental administrative offense proceedings.

The way sports have evolved at worldwide scale and the related specific issues call for the autonomy of Sports Law as a specific branch of Law requiring detailed knowledge of its specificities and, simultaneously, multidisciplinary attention by all the other legal areas.

PARES ADVOGADOS has specialised lawyers in Sports Law and with transversal knowledge in all the other fields of Law, so it is in a privileged condition to meet the challenges brought about by this branch of Law in our days.

We provide legal consulting to all sports agents - sports persons, managers, sports clubs, sports societies, sports federations, professional leagues -, in all different areas, and are especially prepared for: 

  • Negotiating and preparing sports employment contracts, agency business, sponsorship, and use of image rights, among many others;
  • Follow-up on the management of sports clubs;
  • Representation of sports persons and support to the management of their careers;
  • Litigation and arbitration of sports conflicts before federations and legal entities, both national and foreign.

PARES ADVOGADOS has a team with broad experience in following-up on the management of the human resources of its clients. The consultancy provided by PARES ADVOGADOS covers, among other aspects, the negotiation and preparation of labour contracts and of case-by-case especial clauses; day-to-day consulting in all fields of labour relationships; follow-up on processes related to the conveyance of facilities and/or companies; legal audits as well as consulting and follow-up of all procedures related to the establishment and termination of labour agreements.

Besides its intense practice in all sorts of litigations in labour courts, with special focus upon challenging judicial decisions on dismissal and in proceedings related to labour administrative offenses, the team of PARES ADVOGADOS has a relevant experience in negotiation for the avoidance of judicial means to solve conflicts, as they are always costly and time consuming.

We would also highlight the legal consulting provided by PARES ADVOGADOS in all matters related to Social Security Rights, which include litigation with Social Security bodies and administrative offense proceedings.

In the field of Tax Law, PARES ADVOGADOS advises its clients, producing and issuing legal opinions on specific domains such as income tax (individuals and corporations), real estate planning, expenditure and tax benefits. On the other hand, it provides legal and tax advice as of the establishment of the business and throughout its development, including restructuring and reorganization of companies and groups of companies, mergers, split-offs and asset management in general. The firm is also used to review taxation in an international perspective.

This area of ??expertise focuses on advice and provision of services relating to the acquisition and protection of copyright, image rights, patents, trademarks and industrial drawings but also in advertising law and unfair competition.

The licensing, exploitation and defense of intellectual and industrial property rights, especially in the areas of publishing and entertainment, is a major activity in our society, which advises various editorial and media groups.

We provide legal advice in transactions verifying and evaluating Intellectual Property rights as well as related matters.

The follow up in judicial processes, but also with police and administrative authorities in this area, are part of the services we offer our clients.

Nowadays, the legal regime of the protection of the personal data assumes special relevance and complexity in the life of the companies.

Our team advises its clients in this area, with special emphasis on: advising on the definition of business models and the launch of products and marketing campaigns; preparation and submission of notifications and requests for authorization and follow-up of administrative proceedings with the CNPD; audits to verify compliance with the law; implementation of compliance programs adapted on a case-by-case basis; advice on the implementation of internal procedures, and litigation concerning CNPD decisions.

PARES ADVOGADOS has a team with extensive experience in following and mediating disputes within Family and Inheritance Law: divorce, alimony, family residence, actions for damages for breach of marital duties, civil protection proceedings with focus on the regulation of the exercise of parental responsibilities, interdictions and disabilities, accompanied adults, wills, succession plans and division of assets.

With family relations at stake, our team is committed to ensure close proximity to the Client and sensitivity in finding the best legal solutions within the social and family context.

We develop this work in conjunction with our Private International Law team, with extensive experience in national and international disputes and also involving our Tax Law team, when necessary.